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At Deltech Staffing Inc we take our direction from you! Whether you are actively seeking a new opportunity, have a specific motivation for a change or just curious about the industry, we will listen and focus on your best interest.  DelTech Staffing Inc believes in creating trusting relationships to assist now or in the future.

DelTech Staffing Inc understands that our candidates are looking for the best opportunity that matches their skill set as well as their personality.  We work very diligently with prospective candidates to ensure they not only possess the desired skill set, but are also a best fit in the work environment.

  • DelTech Staffing Inc is constantly developing a range of resources to search for and evaluate prospective candidates.
  • We work to understand the needs and wishes of prospective candidates in order to ensure they are pleased with the role they fill.
  • Deltech Staffing Inc provides pre-interview preparation so that each candidate presents themselves in a professional manner.
  • Additionally, our recruiters meet with candidates following their interview to be sure they are ready to take the next steps if appropriate.
  • We understand that candidates deserve the same level of trust and attention as our clients do and we take great pride in building and maintaining those relationships.


DelTech Staffing Inc does more than just find the right company and job for our prospective candidates.  The relationships we build with our candidates goes beyond as we help the candidates navigate their next steps.  Our experience tells us that the primary reason people leave to take on a new opportunity is for career development, not for a higher salary or more benefits.  However, these are very compelling aspects of any job, and many hiring managers will make counteroffers to keep critical staff on their teams once they learn a valued member of their team is considering a new path.  DelTech Staffing, LLC understands that these counteroffers may be attractive, but we believe they only work for the short-term and stand in the way of long-term employee satisfaction.  Consider the following:

  • More than 50% of employees who accept counteroffers change companies with the following 2 years.*
  • 60% of managers indicate they would not personally accept a counteroffer, but 90% of these managers have made counteroffers to employees on behalf of their firm.*
  • A counteroffer represents financial bargaining in exchange for career development.
  • A higher paycheck does not solve dissatisfaction with company culture, limited career development, or the valid concern by your manager that you will continue to be unhappy with your job.

We understand the nuances of leaving one job for another and the complexities that this transition may bring.  The candidates we place are highly talented and are likely leaving a job where they are highly valued.  Let DelTech Staffing Inc help you navigate this transition and be sure you arrive at a place that satisfies all of your career goals.

**Lee, Tony.  “The Pros and Cons of Counteroffers.