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Client Agreements

Contingency-Based Services.

A contingency-based approach to finding the right candidate for you means that DelTech Staffing Inc will only receive payment once we solve your staffing need.  In this capacity, DelTech Staffing Inc will take on the risks and expenses to learn who our clients are and what staffing needs they have.  We will blend this with our relationships with prospective candidates to ensure each party finds their “best-fit.”

  • The long-term.  We recognize the common perception that recruiting firms that work on a contingency basis will do whatever it takes to get potential candidates interviews with their clients.  We don’t believe that solving your staffing needs is a competition or a race.  DelTech Staffing Inc is focused on the long-term.  This requires ensuring the right person is matched with the right job in the right firm.  In this way, we aim to build a trust that ultimately leads to an enduring relationship with our clients such that they will come to rely on our services for their staffing needs.
  • Multidisciplinary.  Contingency-based firms are often believed to lean toward functional specialization, or to work exclusively on specific types of job orders (Human Resources, Information Technology, or Accounting, etc).  While this may be true of some contingency-based staffing firms, we believe one of our strengths is the multidisciplinary nature of our client roster.  We are able to leverage our knowledge of various industries to provide our clients with the most talented candidates across the hiring spectrum.


Retainer-Based Services.

DelTech Staffing Inc prides itself on essentially becoming an extension of our clients.  In some instances, our clients believe the right choice is to pay for a staffing service at the outset of the candidate search.  By retaining our staffing services, you will gain a true partner in researching and finding great candidates to meet your needs. Additionally, retained searches actually will cost less per hire than a contingency search because we believe in a retained search we are both invested in the outcome.

  • Invested in you.  DelTech Staffing Inc knows that you expect a return on your investment.  We make it our business to not only meet that expectation, but to exceed it.  Our belief is that by becoming an extension of your firm, your success means our success.
  • Cost containment.  We recognize the concern our clients have when it comes to finding executive level candidates and how much it may cost them to find the right person at the right time.  Retaining our services guarantees our clients control over these unknowns.  We understand that the relationship with our clients is paramount to our success; we are not simply in the business of generating fees, but fostering trust.

DelTech Staffing Inc offers both a Contingency-based and Retainer-based model for fulfilling the staffing needs of its customers.  We believe that our clients should feel they are receiving the highest quality service from our firm by providing them with the right candidate utilizing a pricing structure that best suits their needs. Please contact DelTech Staffing Inc to discuss these options and determine the right fit for you.